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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yahoo offer unlimited storage for e-mail

There's this news item in about Yahoo saying that it will now offer unlimited storage space for e-mail. That looks like a bit of a tall order - does it mean that Yahoo will have to buy an unlimited amount of storage medium space? I don't think so - more likely, Yahoo has decided that based on what it knows about people's mail storage habits, it's confident that it can grow its storage space just enough to keep ahead of its users' demand for storage.

So does this mean an end to deleting e-mail? That would definitely be a plus in cybercafes in countries without fast internet access - who wants to spend valuable time deleting e-mails when the clock is ticking? But I think that the downside of not deleting your e-mail means that there'll be more clutter and more time spent looking for that e-mail that you sent/received ages ago. Perhaps Yahoo are also about to launch a more intelligent search feature as well?

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  • You didn't let us know about this one. Just found it when I saw a link coming in from Technorati.

    Well, it's about the same principle a lot of hosting companies base their offers on -- frankly, if everyone used even 4GB space out of a 5GB offer (or in my case 19GB out of 20GB), or use 2000GB of transfer in amonth, the servers'll crash.

    One of the complaints against Dreamhost is that customers get suspended when they use up to half of their available bandwidth! :D

    On the clutter aspect, I pride myself on keeping an ordered system. Since I access my Yahoo mail by POP3, it's unlikely I'll ever use up to 5MB -- and the truth is, there's hardly any email I need to archive for more than a month.

    By Blogger azuka, At 28 March 2007 at 05:52  

  • I haven't had any problems with their current search feature..(well none that I can recall).
    But more features/options on what they have would be welcome.

    Right now I'm not that interested in unlimited storage....I'm more interested in my email being safe.

    By Blogger Nilla, At 28 March 2007 at 06:47  

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